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1.4.9 [2008-04-22] eWebEditor Version 5.20

l          Enhance Word/Excel import function, and add more kinds of format optimization and clearing options, including formula optimization, form optimization, paragraph optimization, floating optimization, margin optimization, etc.

l          Enhance the Word copy and paste processing, support the automatic import of styles, and support several kinds of format optimizations with more humane processing and inquiry windows.

l          Enhance the automatic upload of local files and the upload processing modes of asynchronous files with more error-proofing processing.

l          Enhance eWebEditor control upgrade/installation processing method with a unified and humane installation interface and support for download and installation, which still makes it convenient to install control when IE permission settings are insufficient.

l          For JSP version, add the support for the upload elements of Apache "commons file upload", which is recommended to use for solving the problem that the possible memory of jspSmartUpload elements is in error.

l          Fix the problem that the memory might be in error with closing the IE page when using the functions of Word import/ paste and other controls.

l          Fix the problem that the menu cannot be displayed in part IE7 browser.

l          Fix the possible path errors in IE7.

l          Repair all known bugs.