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This mode will maximize the conversion of Word document as it is, and only optimize the options. After conversion, the editing effect in Word can be retained, and optimize the elements that does not support the release of HTML contents.

Here is the meaning of each option in this mode:


Keep VML:

This option is mainly designed for chart from Word. If you select "yes", the chart from Word document will be displayed in VML format instead of picture file. Otherwise it will produce image and be uploaded to server.

Effect comparison of the two options:




Chart will not produce image file but instead it display in VML. Files in server would be less while HTML code became more in editor content area. Browsers (IE4.0 and later) supporting VML are applicable.


Chart will produce image file and without VML code. Files in server become more while HTML code in editor content area would be less. All browsers are applicable.

Tips: if there is a flow chart in Word document, it is recommended to first "assemble" the elements of the flow chart, and then check Remove the VML when importing to achieve the best effect so that the flow chart will not be misplaced.


Remove Float:

When the picture in Word document is not "embedded ", but others modes such as "surrounded", "compacted", since the page's HTML does not support some of the effects and the content released is just part of the web page, the width displayed by page content is inconsistent with that of the Word document, making certain effects misplaced. Use this function to remove the floating object effect, making the content visible.


Optimize Formula:

When the Word document contains a formula, it is strongly recommended to use this optimization function to optimize the display of the formula, making the content layout neat.


Optimize Margin:

When the margin of an object in Word document goes beyond the page margin, it can be seen in the Word document, but if converted to HTML format, the content cannot be seen, and the conversion of Word software is also the case. With this option, you can handle this problem, making the content still visible.


Remove Blank Line:

Remove the blank lines in Word.