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2.8.3 Win2003 client install

Win2003 operating system is mainly applied in servers and the default security setup does not allow using any plug-in, including authority trust and security plug-ins. If you are using Win2003 operating system, please make sure the plug-in install prompt is open.

Open the plug-in install prompt and perform operation as follows: open IE browser, next click "tool" Menu and select "Internet option". Select "security" option in the popup dialog box and click "self-define classification" in it. It will appear security setup as follows. The default is to prohibit "ActiveX component auto prompt". Please active it.

After enabling "ActiveX component auto prompt", click "Word document import" and other dialog boxes, which require the support of "eWebEditor client software", it will pop up component install interface.

Click "install" button to finish install; and click "eWebEditor client software", it can open http://www.ewebeditor.com/; click "High-point Software Ltd.", it will pop up the detailed information of digital signature.