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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I know nothing about HTML language and have no homepage making experience. Can I effectively use this editor?

A: No problem absolutely, since eWebEditor is a WYSIWYG editor with all HTML language being generated automatically in the background. As for using this program, we have done all we can to make it easy to use. We believe you can learn to use this powerful editor in short time.

Q: Compared with common text input box, what advantages does HTML editor have?

A: The biggest advantage of eWebEditor is that it enables users to easily and quickly create HTML contents with various styles and effects. To create these kinds of HTML effect contents, previous common text input box requires users to know some HTML language or UBB language. As contents are edited by manual composed code in previous text input box, it frequently happens that only after you have finished editing and outputting the contents, you can find the effect is not as satisfactory as expected. However, by HTML editor, those cases will never happen again.

Q: Why I can't use part of or whole the functions of the editor?

A: Because the editor uses JAVASCRIPT client language, if your browser does not support JAVASCRIPT or has closed that function, the editor will not run normally. In addition, the editor requires the user's browser version is above IE5.5, otherwise the editor will not run normally.

Q: Why some contents are out of editing area while I am modifying these contents?

A: Because all contents are saved in HTML format, if you don't do character convertion of the contents when you are evaluating, the editor will paraphrase them in HTML format. So please add HTMLEncode() function when evaluating. For example:

(ASP Edition)

<textarea name=content><%= Server.HTMLEncode (str)%></textarea>

(PHP Edition)

<textarea name=content><?= htmlspecialchars ($str)?></textarea>

Q: My program is put in a normal virtual host computer with no FSO or uploaded component support. Then can I use uploading function? (ASP edition)

A: Yes, you can. eWebEditor can upload files without uploaded component support.

Q: when change my system from the former online editing to eWebEditor, why the contents are all displayed in HTML source code?

A: because many systems currently use some kind of UBB code, when saving or displaying the webpage, character convertion will be carried out. As eWebEditor saves in HTML code format, to correct this problem, what you have to do is just to remove all character converting functions from the saving or displaying pages.

Q: Why my edited contents always have one more comma? (ASP edition)

A: Because when the content size is over 100k, eWebEditor will activate automatic files interception function which will break Microsoft form limitation and enable submission of large-size contents. So please make sure eWebEditor receives submitted data by the following form.

For i = 1 To Request.Form("content1").Count
    sContent = sContent & Request.Form("content1")(i)

Q: Why I can't upload files over 200k? (Win2003 platform)

A: IIS 6.0 of win2003 has the limitation of 200k for uploaded files with no influence on aspx uploaded program. In IIS 6.0, the default setting is very strict and safe. It only allows transferring files smaller than 204,800 Bytes to furthest reduce the danger of being attacked because of such loose limitations and so long overtimes. For the consideration of safety, the default maximal request is 200k for IIS 6.0 that means the maximum submitted limitation is 200k Bytes or 204800 bytes. In the version before IIS 6.0, there is no such limitation.

The solution is:
  1. Stop IIS Admin Service
  2. Open \Windows\system32\inesrv\metabase.xml
  3. Modify the value of ASPMaxRequestEntityAllowed to your own desired value. The default value is 204800.
  4. Start up IIS Admin Service
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