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Purchase FAQ

Q: Can I purchase a license before a domain name is selected?
A: Yes. If your project is in development but the domain has not yet been selled on, you can purchase a license without specifying a domain. You can get license key from client area at the time you want.

Q: Can a domain license be modified after created?
A: No, domain license is specific to the domain licensed. If you wish to use eWebEditor on another domain or have plans to change domains in the future, the standard license or enterprise license should be considered as it allows more domain.

Q: What about different subdomains such as abc.domain.com and xyz.domain.com?
A: If you needed to use both xyz.domain.com and abc.domain.com then another Subdomain License would be required. The Subdomain License will work on the exact URL provided with and without the "www" subdomain only. Alternatively, we have a Primary Domain License available which enables you to use the product on any number of subdomains, we have a Standard License available which enables you to use the product on 5 subdomains. More licenses, please see licensing info.

Q: How many licenses do I need if I have two domain names that all point to the same website?
A: You can purchase 2 Subdomain License or 1 Standard License (include 5 Subdomain License). For example you want to run your site on an Intranet ( and a public Internet (http://www.yoursite.com/).

Q: How do you deliver the product?
A: Our products are delivered electronically through download. Once your payment is processed, you can download from eWebEditor Client Area.













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